Hey there, I'm Joey. Glad you're still here! See...

If you're a creative type, the chances are you're a lot like my friend. You love to make art or jewelry or dance, but you "learned" long ago that those sorts of things were reserved for play time so, instead, you're making a living doing something you hate.

If you're like I used to be, you might not realize just how talented you are. Worse, you might even been ashamed of that creativity. I get it, because I lived it too.


Hard Feelings About Soft Skills...

I know first hand that so-called "soft skills" get a bad wrap in the business world. See, for four looooong years, I worked in product marketing for a global corporation.


One day my boss pulled me aside for a coachable moment. "Joey buddy," he said to me. "Loving your work - very creative. You're such an asset to our team with all that stuff. We just need to round that out a little bit on the business side of things. So if you could just open this spreadsheet and..."

I couldn't hear the rest over the sound of my soul screaming out for help.

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Sell your craft

not your soul

If you are creative type and you spend more than 5 minutes a day in a cubicle, this message is for you. And it’s urgent AF.

It was 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night when the text came in.

"Can you make a business card for me?"


It was my friend/neighbor. I said sure and within an hour he was at my apartment talking some nonsense about picking up jobs as a handyman.

"A handyman?!" I asked him as my mind took inventory of the stacks of canvases I'd seen leaning against the walls of his apartment that he'd painted in his signature style of graffiti.

"You're not a fucking handyman. You're an artist."

And so began our journey to make him a very happy and wealthy man who never had to pick up another hammer…

That's the first time, as I looked around at all the blank faces staring at computer screens, devoid of emotion like bunch of hibernating zombies in a cubical wasteland, that I realized I wasn't just "creative" I was "a creative."

And when you are “a creative,” you’re a whole different species than the rest of humanity...

I started planning my exit strategy as soon as he left my cubicle. The money was really good, so I found a way to carve out a space for myself there and ultimately took on a new role in business strategy and product innovation. I had regular meetings with the C-suite and found ways to bring creativity into the ways we approached work, product development, and problem solving.

I trained hundreds of employees in Stanford's Design Thinking method, a human-centered approach to problem-solving and creating things the world needs. But deep down I knew I was on a fool's errand because office culture eats even the best strategy for lunch - and the culture there called for more meetings and less doing anything at all.

I made a pragmatic choice to rent out my soul for a couple more years.

I stacked my cash and considered this a four-year course in business school. On one of my last days there, I overheard a senior leader (like, way up there) say that we were on a mission to make our company be known as the most innovative in the industry. "Be known as the most innovative," I asked. "Or actually BE the most innovative?"  The room went totally silent.. And suddenly I realized…

I was living in a Dilbert cartoon.

That was the day I decided my soul could no longer be rented.  Two weeks later I gave my notice. Two months later I packed up my car and drove from Nashville to Miami on a 13.5 hour journey with my dog Moses, and a few other essentials and launched my company, Cleverest Group.  

That wasn’t even two years ago, and in that short time I've helped 33 other creative types turn their passion into profit and I would love to help you do the same.

Whether you're an artist, a basket weaver, kickass coder, zumba instructor, jewelry maker, swimsuit designer, writer, comedian, or any other creative type - I want you to know that you CAN make a living doing what you love. And I'd love to help you monetize your talent without selling your soul.

That's why I launched my coaching program to help creative types and idea people like you.  Apply Now


You’re not like the rest of them, darling. 

It’s time to own it.

If you’re tired of peddling shit for whatever Google-envying company you’re tethered to today; sick of censoring yourself to blend in to that basic-bitch culture; and freakin’ DONE with giving away your brilliant ideas only to watch them die a slow death by committee-think … congrats!

You’re one of the “others”- and there’s a whole world out here that would love to hear from you.

If you’re dying to create work that makes people think, or laugh, sweat or feel sexy, or question everything they thought the knew, I really hope you’ll apply. If you have an idea for a product or service that will change lives and/or make the world a better place, I hope to hear from you below.

I’ll help you build a brand around your uniqueness, connect with your dream customers, and position yourself to get paid what you're worth. I'm talking about setting you and your business up for success within 30 days.  


And for added peace-of mind, I'll provide you with coaching for six full months with ongoing support, resources, advice, accountability, and regularly scheduled pep talks... or tough love, if that's more your speed. And while I’m doing all that - you can be doing what you love.

Imagine what the world would look like if we pushed our creative "products" as hard as big corporations push their shit. Yeah I know - it feels icky. But the good news is, we don't have to play their game to gain financial freedom.

I broke free off my golden-handcuffs and  managed not to ruin my life. It is the best decision I ever made - and not only because I live in paradise and collaborate with some of the world’s best people. But also because I have gained more confidence in myself than I knew possible. I’ve discovered my superpowers and experienced literal, actual joy by helping people do the same.

Something exciting is happening right now. There’s an energy in the air. You might even call it a movement. A creative Zeitgeist, perhaps.

If you’ve been hearing that call - feeling the tug at your soul that is pulling you away from the comfort of an average life and toward your true potential and the life you deserve - then you’re probably a great fit for this program.

If you believe we weren’t put here just to pay bills and die.

If you’re simultaneously stressed and bored. On a life trajectory that you no longer want. Working with people who don’t value you your talent, skills, and point of view.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

It's time.


So, question for ya...

When are you finally gonna


your badass self?

Choose your journey.

PS: I slashed my way through a thick forest of bullshit to get to this very happy, grateful, yummy state I’m in today. But you don’t have to. You can tap into my brain and learn the mindsets, resources, and clever secrets I used to redesign my life and build my business. AND - I’ll introduce you to some of the gracious, generous, brilliant badasses who helped me get to where I am today. When you work with me, you become a part of the tribe, and you can forget everything you ever heard about it being lonely at the top. We out here. It’s dope. You in?

Notice what you notice.

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