Brand Reboot: Creating the perfect name for Good Neighbor Festivals

As most entrepreneurs can tell you, choosing the perfect name for your start-up is no easy task. So it's no surprise that many businesses change their name at some point as they grow, evolve, or change course. That's part of the reason Cleverest exists - to help growing businesses focus and define their unique brand identity and come up with a bold, meaningful brand name as we recently did for our friends at Good Neighbor Festivals.

After six years of steady growth in Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY, owner Jack Davis realized it was time to come up with a new name for his business, JD Events & Festivals. He wanted a fresh new brand name that would be memorable, premium, and true to the brand he'd built behind the scenes with less "JD" and more "team." We wanted to come up with a brand name that accurately spoke to his company's friendly, genuine, hard-working culture and the important role it plays in the community.

"Our new Good Neighbor Festivals name has been a huge hit so far. People are loving it!" Jack said. "The new name, brand story and communications Joey crafted have re-energized the team and our clients. He put into words the reasons we do what we do in a way that I hadn't been able to articulate on my own."

An added bonus, Jack now feels more confident promoting his company under the new brand name and it's already paying off as Good Neighbor Festivals is garnering local and national attention and was recently featured in Out and About Newspaper after being chosen as a featured member of the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce. #Winning

The Process

We threw back the curtain and asked Jack a million questions to understand every nuance of his business, his story, his 'why.' And we learned that, more than producing events and festivals, Jack's company creates opportunities for people to come together and make new friends and memories in the communities where they live and work. (aha!)

Jack and his team work long hours and nights and weekends even during record-breaking heat in the summer and on rainy winter days to ensure that event is fab and flawless. The show must go on no matter what!

As Jack already realized, the original company name didn’t quite articulate the team’s larger mission or passion that drives them to do amazing work all - day - LONG. So we did our thing - and that thing is what we call a 2-Day Brand Reboot - and came up with new the Good Neighbor Festivals name to give a descriptive and deserved nod to the fun, meaningful, memorable, quality work they do.

"Every time my team and I see the new logo or answer the phone and say 'Good Neighbor Festivals,' it's a little reminder of what makes us unique and great. It reinforces our brand story and all the things that make us such a strong team, and it immediately gives our clients a sense of who we are and what it's like to work with us. I knew it would be good to have a new name, but I had no idea it would bring a new level of swagger and pride to our daily operations. That's an added bonus and I couldn't be happier with the results."

The 2-Day Brand Reboot in Miami

Jack joined us in sunny Miami for an intense two-day workshop we call a Brand Reboot. We customized and structured an agenda specifically for Jack's goals and to help us understand the ‘why’ behind his company, his vision for the future, and what has worked (and not worked) in the past.

We determined the company’s brand archetype, “The Everyman.”

We talked about the strengths of his team members and the unique assets the bring to work each day.

We took a look at the competitive landscape to see if anyone else was doing similar work for similar reasons and honed in on the messaging that would help set Jack’s company apart from the competition in a genuine, authentic, and bold way.

We went to the beach for a sun-drenched brainstorm. (For realz!)

We synthesized that info and came up with several new name options and narrowed it down to the finalist. Then, we extrapolated from there and filled three walls with Post-its that would inform the larger brand identity, from the props in the staff photo to the office decor to the fun new newsletter announcement which we helped build and launch last week!

From here, we're helping our friends at Good Neighbor Festival keep their audience engaged by creating helpful, meaningful content from the Festival experts... and we have some more ideas up our sleeve, too.

Could you use a Brand Reboot or Custom Content for websites, newsletters, or beyond?

Contact Joey today to chat about the possibilities.


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