Our new Good Neighbor Festivals name has been a huge hit so far. People are loving it! The new name, brand story and communications Joey crafted have re-energized the team and our clients. He put into words the reasons we do what we do in a way that I hadn't been able to articulate on my own.  Every time my team and I see the new logo or answer the phone and say 'Good Neighbor Festivals,' it's a little reminder of what makes us unique and great. It reinforces our brand story and all the things that make us such a strong team, and it immediately gives our clients a sense of who we are and what it's like to work with us. I knew it would be good to have a new name, but I had no idea it would bring a new level of swagger and pride to our daily operations. That's an added bonus and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Jack Davis, Director of Events + Partnerships

Good Neighbor Festivals


Hiring Joey was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. His keen wit and focused writing blew my clients away. In a time when copy seems to feel redundant, Joey brings vibrant and impassioned ideas to life. This is also matched by his skillful eye for design, aesthetics, and branding. Joey is a my secret weapon for getting shit done that satisfies and sells.

Corey Ann Seldon, Alegria Support

Joey is extremely creative and listened with an intent ear to learn about my personal style and business goals and crafted brand messaging that really represents me, my capabilities, and the things that set me apart from others in my industry.

He created pertinent graphics and language that I can use across all platforms, from Facebook to my website to my first ever blog post - to build a brand that is completely on point with the unique value that I deliver to my clients. He made the process of evaluating my business fun and delivered timely results along the way! I look forward to working with him to continue building my brand in the weeks and months ahead.

Managing my company’s social media has always felt overwhelming and cumbersome but Joey created a social media strategy to help us engage and grow our fan base – and he helped me understand the how and why along the way. And he’s a blast to work with! I saw our engagement rates increase immediately and, beyond that, he gave me the tools and knowledge that empowered me to make NECAT’s social strategy an important part of my daily routine in a way that doesn’t feel like work. Thanks to Joey I feel more confident engaging our members and viewers in new, fun, and creative ways.

Katie Veglio, Director of Content and Member Relations

Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT)

Our nonprofit TV station had to make some hard decisions to announce–significant changes to the 39-year way of doing things—that we knew would be difficult for members to understand and accept initially. These were necessary content-licensing changes that would be felt first by the heart—then by the head. As staff and board, we definitely feared the former while hoping for the latter. Joey helped us step back and start with our end goal in mind. How did we want our members to leave the room feeling? From there he designed and prototyped an “experience” that knocked our socks off and achieved our ultimate goal: seeing our members leave feeling educated and embracing our new rules. It was a win and a completely new, REFRESHING, effective way of approaching business planning. Joey’s ability to flip our perspective from presenter to receiver are at the heart of his clever approach to problem solving. INVALUABLE.